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Sprouting gets rid of enzyme inhibitors that rob you of vital nutrients, block mineral absorption and cause digestive distress.


Low-temperature drying allows a light, crisp texture and amazing taste, while keep the food raw and preserving life-giving enzymes.


Sprouted snacks and food ingredients.  You can eat them right out of the bag, mix them with other foods, or add them in a recipe or dessert.

Raw, Organic, Sprouted, Vegan, Non-GMO Snacks and Healthy Foods for a better life.

Our Latest Snacks

Nate's Cranberry Trail Mix
Sprouted Organic Trail Mix - Cranberry
Nates Raw Harvest Cinnamon Cayenne Mixed Nuts
Sprouted Organic Mixed Nuts - Cinnamon Cayenne
Nate's Mixed Nuts
Sprouted Organic Mixed Nuts
Nate's Trail Mix
Sprouted Organic Trail Mix - Raisin


Life giving food for kids and adults!


Don't run out of gas!


Protein and energy on the go!


Enhance your favorite dish!

Our Dragons Love Tacos
Nate Jackson | 18 August

It's a Saturday evening and after a long work week and a hot morning working our farmer's markets, we've earned some time to relax with our littles and connect

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Homeschool Science Fun with Pre-Schoolers
Nate Jackson | 14 August

The heat index today was 110 degrees in Texas. 110 DEGREES! Summer is kicking our butts and it is only the beginning of our hottest month of the year. After

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Home Picnic
Picnic at Home!
Nate Jackson | 07 August

Ugh, Summer.  While I love being able to grab my kids and get them out into the summer sun, I admit it can be exhausting. Often, a day at the beach starts off

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