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Sprouted Organic Almond Butter
Original Flavor

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Nate’s Raw Harvest Sprouted, Organic Almond Butter is not only as healthy as it gets for nut butters, but tastes just as good! They are made from Spanish almonds that are unpasteurized and truly raw. They are then pre-soaked in Celtic salt water for 12 hours and dehydrated at 115 degrees for 72 hours so that the enzymes are activated and the nutrients are higher and easier to digest. Next I add organic coconut oil and a hint of pink Himalayan salt. This almond butter is perfect as a spread, dip for your fruits and vegetables, or just by the spoonful!


Category: Nut Butters
This really is the healthiest almond butter made anywhere! If you’re like me and eat a lot of almond butter, then my Sprouted, Organic Almond Butter is a necessity. Almonds are packed with protein, fiber, and Vitamin E making them a filling snack with natural antioxidants. Nate's Raw Harvest uses organic almonds from Spain so they are NOT PASTEURIZED and are TRULY RAW. Because of their high protein content, I've added organic coconut oil and a little pink Himalayan salt to give it a rich, creamy texture and spectacular taste!

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