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Easy Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Baking Tips
Nate Jackson | 23 October

Gluten-free baking has become a necessity, these days. With the ever-growing list of food allergies and intolerance and the abundance of over-processed,

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The Truth About Science
Nate Jackson | 09 October

In today's world, when we say "science" we generally think of men and women in white coats, sitting in a lab, looking through microscopes and pouring liquids

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Sprouted Walnuts
Nate Jackson | 01 October

Let's talk Walnuts! Walnuts are probably one of the most popular and versatile of all nuts around the world and I get asked by many customers at my farmer's

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Shipping in Extreme Weather
Nate Jackson | 24 September

One of the more frequent questions I get asked by customers who order online is whether or not their sprouted, organic nuts will be OK during shipping in the

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Chili Maple Pumpkin Seeds
Nate Jackson | 16 September

Super simple. Super delicious! Ingredients 2 Cups Nate's Raw Harvest Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds 1 tbsp organic, grade B Maple Syrup 1 ttsp organic avocado or

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Social Media Detox
Nate Jackson | 11 September

I'd like to say that, with all the steps we take to better our mind, body and soul, we don't mess with social media, but that'd be a lie.  In truth, much of

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baking in the kitchen
Journey into Gluten-Free Baking
Nate Jackson | 04 September

Let's talk about baking.  With a family of hungry boys and a love of playing in the kitchen, you can almost guarantee that I will have one baked good or

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Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Fat Bombs
Nate Jackson | 25 August

In anticipation for the (fingers crossed) cooler Fall weather, and in preparation for all those times I'll crave something sweet and want to avoid proccessed 

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Reading Nutrition Label
Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide: Part I
Nate Jackson | 21 August

When it comes to navigating the grocery aisles on a quest for healthy food, we find ourselves, often, scratching our heads and wondering to ourselves is this

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Our Dragons Love Tacos
Nate Jackson | 18 August

It's a Saturday evening and after a long work week and a hot morning working our farmer's markets, we've earned some time to relax with our littles and connect

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Homeschool Science Fun with Pre-Schoolers
Nate Jackson | 14 August

The heat index today was 110 degrees in Texas. 110 DEGREES! Summer is kicking our butts and it is only the beginning of our hottest month of the year. After

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Home Picnic
Picnic at Home!
Nate Jackson | 07 August

Ugh, Summer.  While I love being able to grab my kids and get them out into the summer sun, I admit it can be exhausting. Often, a day at the beach starts off

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Nate's Coconut Butter Popcorn
Nate Jackson | 31 July

We'll keep the first of our Nostalgic Summer Snacks Series pretty simple today. We are hitting 100 degrees and frankly, as much as I love experimenting in the

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Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Muffins - Organic, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Vegan
Nate Jackson | 26 May

Pumpkin Spice Muffins! Organic, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan Ah, Pumpkin Spice Muffins... Every American's kryptonite. Whether you are a seasonal lover or

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Organic, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
RECIPE: Chocolate Chip Cookies - Organic, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan!
Nate Jackson | 19 May

Chocolate Chip Cookies! Organic, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan-friendly Oh, yes! They exist! Finding healthy, organic, gluten-free, grain-free, vegan-

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Chocolate Cheesecake Fatbombs
Nate Jackson | 13 February

This is a daily staple at our house. You can even make this vegan-friendly if desired. 1. Cheesecake filling Take 12 oz. of room temperature organic Cream

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Human Body pH
The Alkaline Myth. Understanding Acids, Alkalines, and pH for Health Part II
Nate Jackson | 29 January

In Part I of The Alkaline Myth Series I discussed the basics of pH and that it differs throughout the human body depending on which specific part of the body

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ph Scale
The Alkaline Myth: Understanding Acids, Alkalines, and pH for Health Part I
Nate Jackson | 29 January

           These days it’s nearly impossible to do any independent research regarding health without coming across articles saying that the key to health and

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Nate's Family
Nate's Raw Harvest - A Single Family Business
Nate Jackson | 29 January

           Here at Nate’s Raw Harvest, we take great pride in our products and the business that we have

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Three Brothers Baking
Feed Your Kids For Success
Nate Jackson | 29 January

As a father of three growing boys I’m always involved in whatever I can do to make sure they have the best foundation when it comes to learning and development

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Sprouted Nuts in Wooden Bowl
Daily Nut Consumption
Nate Jackson | 25 December

How many nuts should I eat? When it comes to nuts there is no question that they are a healthy snack. They are full of healthy fats, low glycemic, and have a

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Nate Holding Product
Snacking For Kids
Nate Jackson | 27 November

Let's face it, trying to shove a plate of carrot sticks and broccoli crowns in your child's face isn't the easiest thing to do, and we can only IMAGINE the

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WOW Bites 5 Pack
Comparison: How Do Your Healthy Snacks Compare?
Nate Jackson | 12 September

Comparison: How Do Your Healthy Snacks Compare? An honest look at some every day healthy snacks we may come across in the grocery store, but are they worth

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Granola Bars
Gluten-Free, Sprouted, Organic “Granola” Bars
Nate Jackson | 28 August

Gluten-Free, Sprouted, Organic “Granola” Bars Do you ever have trouble shopping for granola bars that are gluten-free? I do!  The vast majority of bars on the

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Nate's Breakfast Shake
Quick Breakfast Shake
Nate Jackson | 21 August

Quick Breakfast Shake! Why spend money on expensive shakes, when you can make even healthier and tastier ones at home for less? You can also sneak in your

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Walnuts Whole and Shelled
Quick Reference Guide - Nut Nutrition
Nate Jackson | 07 August

Nut Nutrition - Quick Reference Guide Use this guide to see which nuts might be best for you! Remember, many of the minerals in the nuts won't actually be

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My Top 10 Daily Foods
Nate Jackson | 30 July

Which foods should we be eating on a daily basis for maximum health? Here's what I try to stick with as much as possible. Keep in mind, your amounts will

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Cashew Apple
Sprouted Cashews?
Nate Jackson | 23 July

Over the years I’ve had many requests from my customers for sprouted, organic cashews. Nate, I love cashews. When are you going to offer sprouted cashews!?

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Pumpkin Seeds
Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
Nate Jackson | 07 October

Did you know my sprouted, organic pumpkin seeds are the best selling product at Nate's Raw Harvest?   Sprouted pumpkin seeds are one of the most nutritious

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Nate's Sprouted Almonds
Sprouted Almonds
Nate Jackson | 17 August

The growing popularity of soaking and sprouting has led many health-conscious consumers looking for Sprouted Almonds.  While soaking and sprouting nuts

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Probiotics Info
Probiotics and Lacto-Fermentation: Maintaining Healthy Bacteria
Nate Jackson | 11 February

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live within our digestive tract.  They are essential to our health by playing a key role in our immune system,

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Raw Nuts
Sprouted Nuts
Nate Jackson | 27 January

When it comes to nuts and seeds most people are unaware that eating them completely raw is not the best way to consume them from a health and nutrition

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Tyrone Hayes and penelope Jagessar
Toxic Baby: Pesticides and Our Future
Nate Jackson | 22 January

For anyone with children, anyone that plans on having children, anyone that has cancer or wants to avoid getting cancer, for anyone on the

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Grocery Aisle
Grocery Guide: General Guidelines
Nate Jackson | 29 December

Hello everyone!  While my previous Grocery Guides have been a little more content specific I wanted to create a list that you could take with you and use as

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Fight Cancer with Fitness
The Great Benefit of Fitness While Going Through Cancer
Nate Jackson | 16 December

Hello everyone!  I’d like to introduce my first guest writer.  His name is David Haas and shares a passion with me for helping people in health and fitness.  

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Grocery Store Meat
Grocery Guide: Buying Meat
Nate Jackson | 25 February

I’ve had quite a few people tell me they were looking into healthier meats and they asked me which meats to buy and where to buy them.   I hope to clear that

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Male Trainer
Choosing a Personal Fitness Trainer
Nate Jackson | 29 November

Does Your Personal Fitness Trainer Know What They’re Doing? I realize that I can’t write an article to answer every question that a client might have.  I also

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Organic Food
Grocery Guide: Implementing Organic Foods – Part I
Nate Jackson | 08 November

When most people think of organic foods they think of one thing: it’s expensive.  I’ll never be able to eat well because I cannot afford it.  Why’s it so

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Family Hugging
Love, Family and Your Health
Nate Jackson | 06 November

Hi everyone, I apologize for the little break I took from posting anything the last couple of months.  Nate’s Raw Harvest and school took a toll on my

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Saturated Fats
Nate Jackson | 01 August

My past articles have focused on broad generalities and recommendations on how to achieve vibrant health through quality foods, exercise, and testing yourself

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Fresh Produce
Live, Raw, and Organic Foods
Nate Jackson | 19 July

In today’s post I’d like to further reinforce the need for quality foods by talking about live, raw, and organic foods.  Today’s longer working hours,

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Green Light
Test Yourself
Nate Jackson | 03 July

This will be the final post to expand upon what I mentioned in my Philosophy on Fitness.  In past articles I have mentioned the use of  “testing” oneself using

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Beef Shank
Metabolic Typing
Nate Jackson | 24 June

I’ve been a little out of pocket with Nate’s Raw Harvest but finally have some time to continue expanding on nutrition and my Philosophy of Health and Fitness

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Quality of Food
Nate Jackson | 12 June

Today’s post will continue from my previous post, Philosphy on Fitness, and go more in depth on Quality of food.  Most people are not aware that all food is

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Family Love
Love One’s Self (Part I)
Nate Jackson | 13 April

This week’s blog will be the first from CHEK Pratitioner Scott Shafer. Hello everyone, For many of my clients, this is a very big endeavour…one that

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Love Your Family
Love One’s Self (Part 2)
Nate Jackson | 28 February

Today, let’s continue to discuss this concept of loving one’s self. Eating authentically is a way of loving one’s self as we discussed in part 1. But what are

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